BHARTIYAM VIDYAPEETH SCHOOL | A team of educators completely dedicated to the students helps them, guide them and support them.


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The environment is designed for learning, personality development and has all the facilities to cater to an internationally designed curriculum. campus is very eco friendly for the students suitable for the learning, proper space for sports activities.

Seperate classes with different section having class boards, proper water facility for the students, Toys facilitues has been provided for the little childs.

Proper laboratory arrangements for the practicals. all instruments have been setup in lab. computer labs is also setup for learning the students


Spaciously designed to seat 25 students, and equipped with play areas for pre-school, projection systems, computer facilities and lockers.

Classroom are designed according to the childrend according to their age and education, vantilated rooms having fan facilites. library facilities , computer facilities are also available.

Best teaching skills are used to teach the students, classroom is the place where childrens study and get the knowledge. so their is well infrastructure of classroom are provided for the study of students.


Sports help build a student's character, self-confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. Many sports faclities are provided to the students to keep them fit and fine.

It is very necessary parts for the students for their health point of view. all the kits of sports are available. A sports teacher is available for the fitness training and sport activities of the students.


Staff and students dine in the central dining hall. The capacity is being increased in the next phase of development. The cuisine is varied, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are prepared in separate kitchens and served separately.

These are the teachings which we keep telling our children to develop compassion in their personality. The feeling of brotherhood is, above all religions and physical boundaries of countries, is emphasized.

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