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About our Faculty

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At BHARTIYAM VIDYAPEETH SCHOOL the faculty comprise of scholar teachers with commendable experience in their related fields , who act as mentors to their students, work together over the course of the academic year to plan study and develop an innovative curricular by including them in lessons and research and support their development.At the Harvard Graduate School of Education, you will learn from and work alongside the foremost minds in education research, policy, and practice.The school prides itself on a faculty par excellence. The teachers are highly qualified and give their best to shape up the students’ life in the finest possible way. There are departments for every subject with departmental heads working with total commitment to bring in the best results. Manning the departments is an adequate number of trained teachers according to the need of the students.

Each department under a departmental head holds regular meetings and workshops to contribute quality in the approach and method of education that is imparted to students. The aim in organizing departments is to raise the standard of teaching by discussing and sharing ideas among the departmental members.

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