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Director's Message

Today's brood are tomorrow's liable denizen. It is not only the deed of the educator to edify disciples but also the Amenability of the provine. For significant and lucrative learning, dominant infusion amid parentage, educators and disciples is requisite.

I prospect this school ephemerid will operate the motive. You are solicited to assay the school ephemerid sharply complying the norms and principles inscribed in it. You must ascertain that your tad does the home-assignment faithfully and perpetually.

Let the infant do the home assignment freely. You just direct his/her work and give him/her generic denotements only. This will procreate notion of aplomb, self-study and uncontrolled concern in him/her.

Hoping for your colligation and ensuring you the achievement of your lad.

Jyoti Rastogi

Director -

Bhartiyam Vidyapeeth School Datia

Principal's Annotation

This day-book is contemplate to be applied by the disciples to enter their seminary commotion and homework. Here upon disciples should perceive that they build finished exercise of it. Here to this, it retards as an emphatic touch liasion between educators and parentage. Parentage are expected to verify the day book everyday in order that keep themselves apprised about the quantum and attribute of work checked up by their brood. Remarks between the parentage and educators about the disciple's stride can snugly be swaped through the pages provided for in the link book must belong only to the disciple's ethics and function.

No review of schooling tracts or the conditions at home should be recorded in the pages of this link book. Such review if any, may be got over in a distinct letter addressed to the principal.

This reformatory is a shrine of learning. Pursuantly the national Requirement, it assistances disciples to become major, spiritually oriented, men of character & encourage disciples to keep their shrine of learning ought to be carried with regard and trustiness.

Disciples are requisite to fetch this link book everyday to school. Care should be taken to keep it neat & clean.

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